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Dental Crowns
Dentist Sherman, TX

crown graphic from HomeTown Dental at Sherman in Sherman, TX.Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are restorative prostheses that wholly enclose a tooth or a dental implant. One might need a crown restoration if they have severe dental cavities that threaten the tooth structure. In this situation, a crown is bonded to the tooth to strengthen it using dental cement. Crowns improve tooth functionality, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Crowns are an indirect restoration method and are custom made in our lab. Visit Dr. Reddy and our dental team at HomeTown Dental at Sherman to get your perfect smile.

Dental Crown Placement

An examination appointment comes first, and it's solely to determine whether the remaining tooth structure is strong enough to support a crown. If the cavities are still present, they would have to be drilled first. The dentist may file the tooth to the correct shape to prepare it for crown placement. If the tooth is broken, it still has to be filled evenly to a size that will fit the crown. An imprint of the tooth is then taken to the laboratory to be cast over the crown material.

The crown placement will take place at another office visit after the crown is made and polished. At the end of the first visit, the dentist may place a temporary cover crown over the tooth to protect it from bacteria, sensitivity, and further damage until the crown is ready. When the height is readied, the dentist first removes the temporary crown and cleans the area to ready it for placement. The custom-made crown, using dental technology, is then placed on the tooth and fastened using dental cement. Sometimes, if the tooth structure is too weak, a metal post might be used to hold the crown in position.

The Need for a Dental Crown

Dental crowns look, feel, and function like a normal tooth and are used for many reasons, such as restoring a broken, chipped, or damaged tooth. Whether for cosmetic preferences or severe tooth damage, dental crowns offer protection, bring ease and create a bright lovely smile. The crown also protects the weak tooth from a further infection that would otherwise lead to tooth loss. Dental crowns are also used to hold dental bridges in place, and cover teeth that have an outsized filling. Dental crowns boost tooth structure and strength. You might also need a dental crown to cover a stained or deformed tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns

Metal crowns are the most durable crowns as they do not break or crack easily. They also brace well with other teeth, causing minimal to no damage. However, they are most preferred for teeth in the back of your mouth due to their metal shade.

Porcelain crowns are also quite popular as they blend easily with the tooth color. Compared to metal crowns, they break and chip easily and cause more damage to neighboring teeth. They are mostly preferred for front teeth with little biting and chewing force.

Resin and ceramic crowns are not as durable as porcelain or metal crowns and suffer wear over time. Ceramic crowns are tooth-colored and are mostly preferred for front teeth and baby teeth.

Book an appointment with Dr. Reddy through (430) 202-5033 or visit us at HomeTown Dental at Sherman for more information on dental crowns.

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Dental Crowns | HomeTown Dental | Sherman, TX
Dental crowns are natural-looking prosthetic teeth that are used to cap unstable or restored teeth. Visit HomeTown Dental at Sherman for the best dental crowns!
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