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Digital Radiography
Sherman, TX

Doctor checking digital x-ray HomeTown Dental at Sherman in Sherman, TXTraditional film x-rays have long been the standard for dental imaging in the dentistry field. Advances in technology have led to the introduction of digital radiography. At HomeTown Dental at Sherman we understand that some patients are concerned about their exposure to radiation and their safety.

Digital x-rays offer a number of key benefits for the comfort of the patient, and for the development of a treatment plan. Digital radiography produces less radiation when compared to traditional imaging methods that patients usually associate with this procedure. This allows us to continue to focus on keeping our patients completely safe during any treatment preformed.

Digital Dental X-Ray Procedures

The procedure for digital x-rays is quite similar to what you may have experienced with the traditional x-ray. Digital sensors will be placed into your mouth, to capture the images of your teeth and your jaw. This information will be relayed to a computer system that will allow our dentist to instantly view the images right there in the treatment room.

Key Advantages to Digital Radiography

There are several key advantages to the integration of digital radiography in dentistry. Digital images can be enlarged or magnified in any area that could use a closer look. This can make it much easier to identify any very small cavities or other concerning areas.

Digital radiography allows for much more efficiency with diagnosing concerns and makes it possible for our dentist to show you these areas of concern while explaining your treatment options. Furthermore, it allows for the easier transfer of records, which can be useful if there is a need to get a second opinion on an issue or refer a patient out to a specialist.

Why Are X-Rays Needed?

The examination performed by our dentist is in-depth. However, it only allows for a view of the teeth above the gums. The other parts of your gums and teeth are not that easy to view, including roots and those contact areas that are between each tooth.

Digital x-rays can allow for great detail when viewing these hidden areas, which is something that is very important for the health of your teeth and gums. Cavities can develop in those contact areas that are between your teeth, or an abscess may be hidden from immediate view. Digital images allow for better visualization on these areas of concern. Also, the digital images will show in great detail the structures that are inside of your tooth, so that an abscess or area of decay can be identified. Digital x-rays can be used to gauge the level of impaction of wisdom teeth, along with allowing our dentist to monitor or identify any concerns with your temporomandibular joints.

Types Of Digital X-Rays

Digital images can be taken inside of your mouth and are known as intraoral x-rays. They may be taken outside of your mouth and are known as extraoral x-rays. Intraoral images are those most often used in dentistry, as they provide an incredible amount of detail about the health of your teeth and gums.

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