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Fluoride Treatment

Young boy receiving fluoride treatment at dentist at HomeTown Dental at Sherman in Sherman, TXWhen acid-producing bacteria attack our teeth, our enamel experiences mineral loss. Fortunately, our body has minerals that can quickly recover from this minor loss. However, poor oral hygiene and eating habits can lead to too much demineralization that can result in plaque.

At HomeTown Dental at Sherman, we recommend fluoride treatment that can help fight tooth decay. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can build a protective layer over the enamel and even reverse tooth decay in its early stages.
Fluoride treatment is an effective way to help maintain healthy teeth in not just children and teens, but also adults who have a history of dental cavities.

What Does a Fluoride Treatment Involve?

Fluoride treatment is a very simple, straightforward, and non-invasive preventive dental procedure. At HomeTown Dental at Sherman, fluoride treatment only takes a few minutes to complete.
Dr. Reddy and Dr. Reddy will use a solution, gel, or foam that consists of a high concentration of fluoride. This fluoride preparation is applied to the teeth carefully with a brush or a cotton swab. Alternatively, we may also use dental trays containing fluoride preparation and place them on your teeth for a few minutes. We also offer a fluoride solution with which you can rinse your mouth.
After the treatment, you should not rinse your mouth or eat or drink anything for the next 30 minutes at least. This gives the fluoride time to get absorbed in your teeth and work effectively.
Depending on the condition of your teeth and your oral habits, we recommend a fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months.
We may also recommend over-the-counter fluoride mouthwash for daily use. In addition, dental sealants are also used in conjunction with a fluoride treatment that provides an extra level of protection for your teeth.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment offers many benefits to everyone over the age of two.
•  Fluoride helps the body make better use of essential minerals like calcium and phosphate which are instrumental in remineralizing enamel.
•  Fluoride provides a layer of protection on baby teeth, making them less vulnerable to bacteria.
•  Fluoride can reverse minor enamel demineralization and can disrupt the activities of acid-producing bacteria.
•  Fluoride reduces the risk of large cavities that would require dental restoration.

Candidates for Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is effective for anyone over the age of two. Adults who are prone to cavities or who have medical conditions that promote the growth of oral bacteria find fluoride treatment very beneficial.
Children and adolescents also have eating habits that can lead to cavities. Hence, fluoride treatment is most often recommended for them.
Children below the age of two are not eligible for fluoride treatment. Too much fluoride when their teeth are still developing under the gums can lead to dental fluorosis, a condition that results in discolored teeth.

Schedule a Dental Appointment With Us

Fluoride treatment is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to prevent dental cavities. If you or your child is at high risk of tooth decay, fluoride treatment can help you with that. To schedule an appointment with us, call (430) 202-5033 today. We offer a range of preventive and restorative dental services including dental exams, dental cleanings, dental fillings, as well as dental crowns for your teeth.

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A fluoride treatment is a preventive service that is important to any child’s tooth development. Call HomeTown Dental at Sherman for pristine oral health!
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