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Multiple Tooth Implants
Sherman, TX

Computer rendering of multiple tooth implants at HomeTown Dental at Sherman in Sherman, TXDental implants involve the placement of a titanium screw to replace the missing root. In the past, implants were only placed after a tooth was extracted, the socket cleaned, and the gums closed over the extraction site. The socket was then left to heal over several months so that the bone could regenerate and fill in the site previously occupied by the tooth. After healing was achieved, a second surgery was done to place the implant body itself. The gums were then allowed to heal around a healing cap. Finally, when all healing is accomplished, the crown was made and placed on the implant.

While this procedure is still followed in some cases, many dentists now are able, with the help of advanced practices and technologies, to reduce the time it takes to replace the missing or extracted teeth. Come see if these advanced practices can help restore your smile today at HomeTown Dental at Sherman.

Multiple Tooth Implant Process

The dentist begins the dental implant process by taking a digital x-ray called a digital panoramic radiograph to see a two-dimensional picture of the bone, nerves, and sinuses that relate to the potential implant site. The dentist uses this x-ray to educate the patient on what will need to be done to ensure proper implant integration. If this x-ray suggests to the dentist that the implant procedure may be successful, further digital records are obtained. A computer program then designs a surgical guide to aid the dentist in placing the dental implants.

If the implant site has a healthy, dense bone with no fractures or infection, the dentist can often place the implants at the same time the tooth is extracted. This procedure minimizes the number of surgeries a patient will need. After the gums are sutured into place or the gums are cauterized with a dental laser, the implants are then allowed to heal for several weeks.

At the next visit, the dentist prepares to make the crown that will rest on top of the implants to replace the missing teeth. If the dentist chooses to make a traditional impression, they will remove the healing caps and temporarily replace them with another implement called an impression coping. The impression is then taken, and the healing caps are replaced until the crowns can be delivered. If the dentist chooses to use CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacture) to make the crowns, a digital scan is made of the healing caps while they sit in place. The scan is then uploaded to a computer program that will either design the crown to be made on an in-office machine or will send it electronically to a lab to be made. The patient is then rescheduled for a final appointment when the permanent crowns are seated in place.

How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Once your multiple tooth implants have their permanent crowns and the bite is adjusted, the dentist will give instructions about keeping the implants clean. Typically, procedures for cleaning an implant crown at home are the same for any tooth which includes brushing and flossing. Sometimes additional medications are added to help with healing the gums. In addition, the implants will need to be cleaned every three to six months along with the rest of the teeth at a typical cleaning appointment.

While other restorative choices such as bridges or partials can be used to replace a single missing tooth, the dental implant ranks now as the dentist’s restoration of choice. Dental implants have the advantage of being cleaned like any other tooth. A dental implant is the next best thing to having your original tooth.

Come visit us today to see how a single tooth implant or multiple tooth implant can improve your smile at HomeTown Dental at Sherman. Schedule a consultation with us at at (430) 202-5033.

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