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Root Canals
Dentist Sherman, TX

Diagram of tooth showing tooth root. Diagram provided by HomeTown Dental at Sherman in Sherman, TX.Root canal treatments are one of the most effective types of restorative treatments to preserve the natural structure of a tooth with severe decay. At HomeTown Dental at Sherman we offer the root canal treatments needed to get you out of pain and restore the functionality and aesthetics of your tooth.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Hearing that you are in need of any type of dental procedure can be concerning. The more that you know about a procedure, the better you will feel about needing it. Root canal therapy has an undeserved bad reputation. The truth is that this procedure is the best treatment direction to keep you from losing the tooth to decay.

Once bacteria enter into the pulp of the tooth, which is the part that contains the nerves of the tooth, an infection can rapidly take over. The decay can destroy the structure of the tooth and risk the stability of the tooth. Beyond that, the infection can spread into the bloodstream and cause a number of systemic illnesses. If you have pain in a tooth and the decay is beyond what a small filling can repair, you will benefit from root canal therapy.

What To Expect During The Procedure

When you arrive at your exam appointment, digital x-rays may be ordered so that our dentist can see the extent of the damage to the tooth. With an idea as to how to best proceed, the root canal therapy treatment can begin.

You will be made comfortable, with the tooth and surrounding gum being completely numbed. Once you are numb, the procedure will begin. Our dentist will remove the decay, using the appropriate dental tools. Once all signs of decay have been removed, the root canals and interior of the tooth will be disinfected. The disinfected tooth will then be filled with a biocompatible material that will help to maintain the structure of the tooth.

A permanent dental crown is the best way to continue to protect the tooth after root canal therapy. Impressions will be taken, to ensure that the crown milled for your tooth will offer you a perfect and natural-looking fit. A temporary crown will be placed over the restored tooth so that it can be protected until your permanent crown is ready to be placed.

You will return to the office once the crown has been prepared, which could take up to two weeks. It is important to get your permanent crown affixed to your tooth, as the temporary crown will not be sturdy enough to withstand continuous use.

Recovering From Root Canal Therapy

After your procedure, you can expect to feel some tenderness surrounding the treated tooth. There may be some minor swelling. Over-the-counter pain relievers and icepacks can help to control any discomfort that you feel. For the first or two after your treatment, avoid eating on that side of your mouth.

Once your permanent crown has been set in place, the tooth will look and function just like any healthy tooth would. If your temporary or permanent crown falls off, be sure to call for an appointment so that the crown can be set back in place.

If you have pain in one or more teeth, do not hesitate to come into HomeTown Dental at Sherman to be seen by our dentist. Call (430) 202-5033 to schedule your appointment.

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Root canals are a quick and painless procedure. For severe infections, you may need more than one root canal. Call HomeTown Dental at Sherman now!
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