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Wisdom Teeth
Sherman, TX

Illustration of an impacted wisdom tooth provided by HomeTown Dental at ShermanWisdom teeth are the last and largest set of adult teeth to come out in your mouth. Some people have a full set of four wisdom teeth, but there are others who may experience just one or two wisdom teeth in their lifetime. About 35% of people do not have any wisdom teeth at all.

In the past, wisdom teeth allowed adults to chew better. However, now due to our soft diets, wisdom teeth do not erupt in every one. When they do, they may come with a range of oral issues. At HomeTown Dental at Sherman, Dr. Reddy and Dr. Reddy we can help you resolve your wisdom teeth issues.

Oral Health Issues Associated with Wisdom Teeth

Many people complain they experience pain and swelling when a wisdom tooth erupts. Although we try our utmost to preserve your teeth, when it comes to wisdom teeth, most issues can only be solved through tooth extractions.

•  Impacted teeth: Today, many wisdom teeth come out impacted or grow up at a tilt. Hence, they become trapped in the jaw, which causes swelling and a significant amount of pain.
•  Adjacent teeth damage: Since many wisdom teeth erupt lying down, they may graze against the tooth adjacent to them. This can cause damage to the adjacent tooth’s root and nerve, which can cause infection.
•  Decay and periodontal disease: Impacted teeth grow far back in the mouth so they can be quite tricky to clean. If they do not get the right amount of brushing and flossing, plaque can accumulate on them, resulting in cavities and periodontal (gum) disease. You may need periodontal maintenance to treat gum disease.
•  Cysts: The sac in which the wisdom tooth develops may sometimes fill with fluid and form a cyst. This can damage your teeth and jawbone. In some cases, it can also turn into a benign tumor. In this case, wisdom tooth extraction and removal of infected tissue will be required.
•  Pericoronitis: This is the condition when gum develops over the impacted wisdom tooth. This can cause severe inflammation and pain.

How Do We Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

Removal of wisdom teeth is slightly more complicated than removal of teeth with fully-erupted crowns. However, the procedure is still quite straightforward for us and painless for you.

We will administer local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the tooth. We will then make a small cut in your gums to make visible the underlying wisdom tooth. After removing the surrounding bone structure of the tooth, we will split the tooth into two or more parts. This helps us easily extract the impacted tooth.

Once the tooth is removed, we will clean and disinfect the wound and cover it up with a gauze pad. If necessary, we may also suture it closed.

You may feel slight discomfort and experience some bleeding and swelling in the hours after the extraction, but these can be managed by simple painkillers and at-home remedies. Any discomfort should be alleviated in three days to one week.

If you experience increasing pain, bleeding, swelling, and get a fever, this may be a sign of infection and you should immediately schedule an appointment with us so that we can quickly treat it. However, the chances of infection are very slim.

There are some people whose wisdom teeth easily erupt in perfect alignment behind their second set of molars. However, more often than not, you may feel some pain or discomfort with wisdom teeth. If that’s the case, then we recommend you get it removed. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at (430) 202-5033 today.

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Wisdom teeth typically erupt much later than other permanent teeth, which can cause problems for your oral health. Call HomeTown Dental at Sherman now!
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